ProSeal Services


ProSeal offers the most advanced water-based sealcoating products on the market. The sealer formula is customized to ensure your asphalt’s longevity and durability. Prior to sealcoating, all surfaces will be machine-cleaned free of debris with perimeters trimmed of grass & weeds.

Proseal is one of the few companies that automatically includes sand and latex additives within our sealer. The sand provides a safer surface for both foot & vehicle traffic while the latex binds itself to the asphalt making it as much as 50% more resistant to natural wear & tear. Our sealer is applied by either brush or spray method.

All trimming around the property will be brushed on by hand to secure adequate coverage and eliminate any residual product on adjacent buildings or concrete. We also highly recommend an oil spot primer to pre-treat areas that have experienced gas and/or antifreeze spills, which will later prevent any bleeding to come through the sealer.


ProSeal offers a state-of-the-art asphalt crack repair system that can literally repair even the finest of asphalt cracks.

Asphalt cracking is indicative of a serious breakdown within your aphalt and if not attended to quickly, will require repaving to correct. Unlike most companies which place a corrective layer on top of an existing crack, ProSeal uses a hot rubberized liquid allowing it to permiate into the crack.

This creates a repair from the foundation to the surface and eliminates unsightly changes in elevation on your asphalt.


ProSeal offers custom parking lot layout, stenciling & striping whether your needs are functional, instructional or simply aesthetic.

Parking space lines, entrance/exit arrows, handicap-indicated parking & basketball court lines are just a few examples of what we can do.


Snow removal services and plowing are available thoughout the winter season on a first-come first-served basis. We handle all types of snow removal ranging from your commercial parking lot plowing to snow removal on residential walkways and driveways.

Our equipment use ranges depending on the need. The equipment used while providing our snow removal services include; plowing, snow blower, shoveling, ATV plow and salting. The services are provided to both commercial and residential customers.

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